Want to know how BPO can act as an Extended Hand of Help in Business?

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Want to know how BPO can act as an Extended Hand of Help in Business?

Has anyone closely analyzed the biblical painting by Michelangelo, titled ‘The Creation of Adam? In the painting God almighty is stretching his right hand from heaven to touch Adam who lives on earth. A close look at this painting might spark a question in our minds.

  • Is it possible to extend a hand from one world to the other, leaving behind all the spatial and temporal differences between the two worlds ?
  • Is it possible to offer such an extended hand of help nowadays?
  • The answer is YES! In today’s virtual world, distances and time slots are not hindrances or limitations that keep us aside from crossing geographical borders.

A modern version of this ‘extended hands of help’ is what a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) firm is all about.  BPO covers up the spatial and temporal gap between two countries across the sea by offering help to MNCs across the globe. For the mainstream society, outsourcing might appear as an entirely new concept. But surprisingly we do outsourcing one way or other in our daily activities. There are a lot of instances where we fail to realize that we are outsourcing our works to someone else, be it the housemaid or the umbrella we use on a daily basis. When a housewife depends upon a grinder to blend the food, she is unknowingly outsourcing her work to the grinder. The mixer grinder blends up everything in a better way than her hands can. These simple examples from day to day life, explains how outsourcing saves time, increases productivity and ensures quality. BPO also operates in the same manner.

For a new entrepreneur to establish his business and emerge as a successful businessman in today’s highly competitive business world, he must focus on the services offered to his client’s. A sprouting up businessman will always think optimistically and he might wish to handle everything related to his business by himself. But such multitasking can result in failure. To prevent this, companies are nowadays more into outsourcing their services to BPO firms. For an upcoming businessman to flourish, the best possible solution is to divide his works systematically. Setting up a new business calls for more attention and creativity. It is always better to think with many heads, rather than thinking with one brain. The importance of outsourcing firms comes in this phase.

Be it any field, medical, finance or marketing. Customer satisfaction and quality of work are the quintessential factors for success. To ensure quality services, the best possible way would be to hire an outsourcing company so that work can be maintained and completed as per the scheduled time. The works will be monitored and thus will be accomplished in a much more organized manner. A firm will be able to maintain high standards in the yardsticks of quality. BPO firms help in building up business relations too. When considering the financial factors outsourcing will be more profitable for a small scale business with minimized expenditure, a substantial increase in the quality and will be able to offer better services to the clients as well.

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