Why should Health Care Professionals Outsource Medical Billing and Coding Services ?

Why should Health Care Professionals Outsource Medical Billing and Coding Services

Medical billing and coding has been active in the United states of America, Australia and the United Kingdom for decades. Managing this business without much headache is one thing that we need to be prudent.

How and where to Outsource?

Among the countries listed above, all three countries are comfortable when it comes to sharing their data to India. The reason for this trust is not just due to the fact that the cost per head is competitive when compared to other outsourcing friendly nations. The quality of medical billing and coding is itself uncompromised to be one of the best, when outsourced to India.

Medical billing and coding are so unique that not all outsourcing companies can pull it off effectively. The coders and billers must be professionally qualified to do the same. It is the same qualifications to what the company trying to outsource gets attracted and is looking forward to. Also, many health care professional companies in the USA shall be interested in knowing if the particular outsourced coding company is following HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) as their basic compliance too. It guarantees to the protection of security and maintenance of privacy of the health information of the citizens (and foreign nationals if any) who are undergoing the treatment in the outsourced facility.

Coding on other hand, would require conversion of common diagnosis and procedures to medical codes and even sort the history of patients stored via software. All this requires a lot of patience and concentration to which the medical coders must be certified to.

So what are the common hindrance to outsource?

  • Security Risks

Clients are concerned about the risks of losing or misusing of confidential data by unknown personnel.

  • Quality Concerns

Doubts on getting satisfactory quality by spending money rather than doing it in-house.

  • Legal and Statutory Bindings

Firms are mostly reluctant to deal with the legal hazards that may cause by noncompliance with state laws, the privacy of the health information, quality of the code and even the maximum billing approvals from the insurance agencies.

There is still a question remaining When to outsource?

That depends on when you feel you are :

  • Spending too much time on training the coders on the latest Coding Methodology.

  • Spending too much time in coding or billing .

  • Spending too much of your budget in this.

  • Sparing too much resource for the activity.

The reason to outsource medical billing and coding are many, what is yours?

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